Aperitius Catalans - Termens - Frusnack

Aperitius Catalans, sl is specialized in Mediterranean origin products, like almonds, hazelnuts, walnuts and pine nuts. We also offer all other types of nuts, either roasted or caramelized.

Almond specialties:

  • Salted Marcona almond: Awarded with London Great Taste Awards 2007, it is one of our star products, internationally more appreciated.
  • Golden Marcona almond: Our last launch. Caramelized Marconas! A great success.
  • Largueta roasted almonds: snack or dessert, the traditional roasted almonds
  • Caramelized almonds: A classic product of Aperitius Catalans
  • Catalan almond: With the characteristic Mediterranean flavour

Hazelnut Specialties:

  • Roasted Reus Negreta hazelnut: The best hazelnut of the world!
  • Caramelized Reus Negreta hazelnut: another star product, the Reus hazelnut also caramelized

Other specialties:  Caramelized walnut, pine nuts, pistachio, peanut, peanut with honey and salt, selected nuts cocktail, pipes, macadamias, cashews, dried fruits, etc.

Products for industry: Also we offer processed nuts to be used for industry:

  • Dices, sticks, laminates, flours, of almond, hazelnut, peanut or pistachio
  • Processed nuts ready for sauces
  • Praliné or crocant, of any type of nuts

Our products can be found in the following formats:

  • Selected range: vacuum-packed glass jar of 120, 140 or 400 gr.
  • Traditional range: vacuum-packed glass jar of 180 gr. or 1 kg
  • Traditional range: plastic bag, any quantity from 60 gr. to 1 kg
  • Wholesalers range: vacuum-packed plastic bag, any quantity from 500 gr. to 50 kg